Personalised Embroidery

Give someone a personalized gift.


An embroidery is a strong and good quality product. It’s not only beautiful, but also durable, colourfast and washable. The effect is luxurious!

The following fabrics can be embroidered: Cotton, polyester, nylon, linen and silk, (clothing, swimwear, scarves, caps, towels etc.)


• You send us an email with the text or logo. We make you an offer and show you an example . When this is paid we then process the design.
• When we have to digitize the design we ask design costs € 32.50 per logo. The final price depends on the processing time.

Important for the price of an embroidery are three categories. This has to do with the number of stitches which has an embroidery, material costs and machine time:

• Simple: design with little coverage, such as lines and small letters.
• Standard: design like most logos and normal and bold or texts.
• Full Surface: design with large parts of the surface completely filled.

We can process various file formats:
bmp, pdf, jpg, eps, ai, gif and tiff.

Which products we can supply? Check Promotionele kleding

NOTE: With self-supplied clothing the risk of processing is for the buyer.

There is no minimum purchase at RiSa Design.

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