Yummy Dough Super Sonic Cookie Factory



5.6L bucket
4 Yummy Dough-mixes in yellow, green, red and blue

Included: a measuring device, modelling and decorating tools

From 3 to 99 years old!


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You’ll never be bored again!

Yummy Dough is the recipe for combatting boredom. Specially for parties, such as Halloween, Christmas or Birthdays, its a time for everyone to join in. You’ll think up thousands of figures to make. You can use cups or glasses to make round faces. It’s easy to make straight sides with a ruler.

An instant zoo of colourful animals

Children can create fun animal cookies from real Yummy Dough. The rolling pin smooths the dough and with the cookie cutter, you have quickly created your own little zoo. And as everything tastes so much better when enjoyed with others, the baked cookies can be savoured with friends or parents.


Wheat flour, sugar, whole egg powder, vegetable fat, wheat starch, modified starch, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, dye (red beet powder), colouring fruit and plant extracts (turmeric), milk protein, flavoring, colouring (Brilliant Blue FCF)
Allergy Warning: may contain traces of lactose, nuts, almonds and soy.

The SGS Institute Fresenius in Germany checks Yummy Dough regularly. Children under 3 years should use Yummy Dough only under adult supervision. To avoid injury, it is better not to use sharp or pointed modeling tools. Make sure the surface is clean.