Icing, Edible Paper and Edible ink

Icing, Edible paper, Edible ink.

Icing and edible paper are great products to print your favorite photo or businesslogo. We make different cake toppings for cakes, cupcakes etc. The appliance can range from birthday cakes till a restaurant with their logo on a dessert.

The possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit.


Heat transfers.     Printing is a technique that can be applied to many products. You can see a few examples for some of our customers here. Whether on t-shirts or felt for applications, "your wish is our command". We like to think along with our clients to...


Engraving For one of our clients we made this meassuring tool for a keyring.    This was really a challenge because it was our first order with the new laser engraving machine. Costumer was very satisfied.